Welcome to Kitchenly! This is a blog dedicated to helping you turn your ordinary kitchen into a heavenly one.

Reading the articles on this blog, you will find inspiration to design your kitchen to fit your style and personality, how to deal with some common problems in the kitchen, what are the top products to buy in order to always have the most modern and useful tools at your disposal and much, much more.

The author of this blog – myself, Ailin – is a 30-something stay at home mom who had always spent a lot of time in the kitchen. I love taking on DIY projects as well and I found out that these two hobbies of mine go perfectly hand in hand, so I decided to turn my passion and projects into a blog and hopefully help others in the process.

In the end, many of us spend a huge amount of time in the kitchen – especially if you’re a stay at home mom like myself – and I always said that since I’m spending so much time here, it should at least be quality time.

And this is how the idea of Kitchenly – a “heavenly kitchen” popped up. And after years of debating whether I should or should not try my hand at blogging (my greatest fear being that of talking to the walls aka not having an audience at all), I finally decided to give it a try: at least friends and family said that they’ll follow my blog – so we have that for starters.

But I’m not planning to produce articles for friends and family only. I am genuinely interested in helping you find the answers that you have regarding the kitchen – from DIY projects to how stuff works, recipes, best products for the job and everything else you can think of.

I still remember that whenever I hit an obstacle, when I was younger and the internet was not full of solutions and answers as it is today, I kept calling my mom asking her what to do.

I used to tell her that she knows so much stuff that she should write a book… and now here I am, ready to share the knowledge she passed over, combined with the new things I learned and do so freely over the internet, so that anybody can benefit and find the info they’re looking for just one click away.

Now I can only hope that this will be as useful as I want it to be. And even if it doesn’t become the most useful kitchen blog you have ever read, I am still sure you’ll find a trick or two to make the time spent in the kitchen much more pleasant and productive.

So, again, thanks for visiting Kitchenly and enjoy your stay!