Best Beverage Fridge for Home in 2024

With the home becoming the focal point in the new normal, having a beverage fridge has become an appealing option. But what’s even better? Choosing one of our recommended beverage refrigerators for 2024.

Having a fridge dedicated to drinks is actually a sensible decision, more than the simple convenience of having cold drinks on hand.

They look good, they help you save space in the refrigerator and you can easily tell when it’s time to stock up again.

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With these in mind, we’ll jump straight to recommending the best beverage fridge for 2024 below. Use the table for quick navigation, or scroll down even further if you want to read the complete review of each fridge.

Whynter BR-130SB

120 12-oz can capacity.
Temperature: high 30°F to mid 60°F.
Removable shelves.
NewAir – Editor’s Choice

126 12-oz can capacity.
Temperature: 37°F to 65°F.
Removable shelves.
Really quiet.
Whynter BBR-801BG

Smaller (less wide, but equally tall).
80 12-oz can capacity.
Temperature: 34ºF to 43ºF.
RCA 70 Can Cooler

60 12-oz can capacity.
Temperature: 45ºF to 55ºF.

2 separate containers
(57 cans to the left, 18 wine bottles to the right).
Various temperatures
Easy to build into your counters.

Now let’s find out more about each model, so you can choose the best beverage refrigerator based on your needs and space available.

NewAir Beverage Refrigerator – Editor’s Choice

This beverage refrigerator for home grabs the award for our top pick. You simply can’t help but fall in love with it as it offers the best combination of internal space, great design and performance.

The NewAir AB-1200 offers a truly flexible storage capacity and easy set-and-forget it thermostat with 7 custom settings.

A perfect choice for those hot months when you need your drinks perfectly cooled without the worry. This unit also has the reversible door feature that allows for positioning flexibility.

Maximum storage flexibility can be had with its removable wire shelves so you can store bottles as well as cans. It has a capacity of 126 standard cans, which is definitely more than enough.

It has a powerful cooling system that can cool up to 37°F and NewAir has improved the compressor used on older models and now the noise is minimal.

The stainless-steel design surface is easy to clean as well and offers it a really sleek design. Simple and elegant, it’s a perfect choice for your home!

Note: To avoid the need for defrosting, make sure the thermostat is adjusted accordingly to the contents of the beverage fridge. It is not advised to keep it cranked to high when storing only a few items.

Whynter BR-130SB

If you’re in the market for a budget-friendly beverage fridge with a great storage capacity, the Whynter BR-130SB in indeed one of the best choices.

This model is so flexible because the wire shelves are all detachable. By removing the middle shelf, it has a 19-bottle capacity for wines. You can configure it to store a mix of wine bottles and cans by simply adjusting the shelving.

If you only store regular cans, it can hold a whooping 120 standard 12-oz ones.

This way, you will always have enough room for the drinks that you need cooled!

You also get an internal fan-forced compressor cooling system in this unit which makes sure the cabinet is evenly cooled. The fan is surprisingly quiet emitting only a low hum as it continuously operates.

It also features LED lighting so you can see your beverages through the clear glass door and know when it’s time to restock.

This unit cools better than a static beverage fridge so if you need wine to be just chilled, adjust the temperature setting accordingly or slide it in the fridge just a short while before you target consumption time.

Temperatures inside can be set between high 30°F to mid 60°F.

The Whynter BR 130SB also doesn’t come with a fridge lock. If this is not an issue, then this a great option for a home beverage fridge. It gets the job done well!

Note: While the Whynter BR-130SB requires minimal counterspace at 17″ x 19.3″, this model stands quite tall at 33 inches and needs to have at least 5 inches of clearance above it for proper circulation of air.

Lack of clearance will cause poor ventilation and trip the auto shut-off feature because of heat build-up. So make sure you have the required space for it before buying.

Whynter BBR-801BG

If you’re in the market for a smaller capacity beverage fridge, this is definitely the best pick for you. It’s not very wide as you can see in the image above, but perfect for smaller amounts of bottles and cans.

You still get a really nice can capacity from it – it can store up to 80 standard 12-oz cans. 22.5″ Long x 15″ Wide x 34.5″ High size.

You can move the shelves around to optimize it for storing various sizes of bottles and cans.

Temperature settings are accessed easily with the digital touch-system. It keeps drinks really cool, with temperatures ranging between 34ºF-43ºF.

It also features a cylinder lock and key for safety plus internal LED lightning for maximum visibility.

The sleek black finish of this fridge will make it an excellent addition to any room in your home. This model is ideal mounted or slightly elevated for easier access to the typically deep design of the unit.

Note: Don’t forget to follow the manufacturer’s instruction to allow the unit to sit upright for a minimum of 4 hours before switching it on. For optimal function of the model, ensure that it is placed on a level surface.

RCA 70 Can Cooler

This is a nice compact option to cool your beverage cans or bottles. Equipped with 2 adjustable vinyl-coated wire shelves and a reversible door option, it is perfect for smaller places or if you don’t usually store huge amounts.

You can store in it 60 cans or around 15 bottles of wine.

Its cooling ability is quite satisfactory at around 45°F to 55°F controlled by a manual knob at the rear of the unit. This keeps drinks refreshingly cold but would not be a great choice if you like your beers frosty.

Its adjustable levelling legs will ensure that your fridge can always be level even on slightly uneven surfaces.

This can be done by doing turning the legs either clockwise to raise them or counterclockwise to lower them. Defrosting is also made easy with the accompanying drip tray.

It can get a bit noisy when the compressor is running, but not noisy enough to become upsetting, in our opinion.

Note: Always ensure that your fridge is level at all times. If it became tilted for whatever reason, allow it to remain level and unplugged for 24-hours before turning it on.

Also make sure that proper ventilation clearances are observed with a minimum of 2 inches (50mm) all around as per manufacturers specifications.

Aobosi 24 Inch Beverage and Wine Cooler

If you need a bit more in terms of space and especially if you use to have an even mixture of bottles and cans, then the Aobosi beverage and wine cooler is the perfect choice for you.

Offering two separate compartments (each working with different sets of temperatures for ideal coolness of your drinks), this cooler can hold up to 18 bottles of wine on the right and 57 cans on the left.

The can cooler offers temperatures between 35.6 – 50 degrees Fahrenheit, while the wine cooler area keeps them anywhere between 41 – 64.4.

Due to the way it is built, with the stainless steel front vent, it requires minimal space around it so it can easily be incorporated under your counter.

Nice and classy, this is the perfect addition to your home.

Why should you get a beverage refrigerator?

cold drink

Now even if you already know which are the best beverage fridges, you might still be wondering if it’s worth buying one.

Below, we’re sharing a few reasons why beverage refrigerators are a good idea. Most likely, since you’re already visiting the list of the best products, you DO need one!

Freeing Your Refrigerator

Overcrowding the fridge with the family-sized bottles of juice and sodas is just not giving justice to it.

Not only is valuable space being eaten up by cans and bottles, but the constant opening and closing of the door each time a family member wants to grab their favorite drink actually compromises the cooling performance of your unit.

A separate drink fridge will ease storage problems in your main refrigerator and make it more efficient, cooling-wise.

Enjoy Your Beverages!

This does not only mean a nice, cold can or bottle but, also fresher ones! It is not unusual that we find a half-consumed bottle pushed all the way back in our main refrigerator spaces, hidden from view by the stacked containers.

Avoid the forlorn drink left for naught by storing your drinks in the more visible layout of a separate beverage fridge.

Inventory with Ease

Whether you are having people over or simple keeping an eye on coveted drinks or family beverage staples, a beverage fridge is a very practical appliance to have.

You will know exactly at a glance how much stock you have for different hydration needs.

Effortless Entertaining

Having a beverage fridge also allows for a smoother hosting experience with drinks chilled, ready, and accessible.

It adds a touch of sophistication to your party settings. Remember, perfectly chilled drinks can make or break a gathering!

Yes, having a separate fridge to keep our beverages cold is indeed a practical decision.

Not all beverage fridges are equal so here is a curated list of the best beverage fridges for your home.

Your Efficiency Investment

Once you have decided on the best home beverage fridge to purchase, you must make sure to remember some tips and tricks to make your appliance function the best that it should.

  • Always allow for ample clearance around your unit to ensure proper ventilation. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations before deciding on where to put your fridge.
  • Check the inventory of your beverage fridge and adjust the thermostat accordingly. If the cabinets get too cold, frost might form in the interior.
  • Do not overload your unit. Always keep within the capacity or even slightly under just to keep the colling efficiency at its peak.
  • Avoid storing open food containers, as tempting as it may be, especially when your beverage fridge has space. Always remember that the primary reason for purchasing this appliance is for drinks.


With all these said, evaluate your beverage needs and choose accordingly.

You can choose any of the recommended products above – they are all great – or simply go with our top recommendation, the amazing NewAir Beverage Refrigerator.

Cheers to rounds of refreshing drinks!

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