Best Stick Blender for Baby Food (in 2024)

As new parents, we need to juggle a lot of activity plus make sound decisions towards what we buy for our babies. This brings us to address an important thing today: what is the best stick blender for baby food this year.

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If you don’t want to read all the reviews and learn my opinions on all products, you should know that my winner is this KitchenAid Blender. With variable speeds, great durability and high quality, it is by far the best choice. It’s also not too expensive either!

When introducing your baby to the wonderful and yummy world of food, one of the first things that you will need to invest for that is a stick blender to prepare all that yummy food we were talking about.

We have two great news: first and most important, you will use that stick blender for years – so it’s not one of those things you just buy for your baby to use twice, then throw away.

Second, we have done all the research so you don’t have to waste even more time and we have found the best stick blenders for baby food this year.

Check them out in our table below (or read the detailed reviews afterwards) and pick the best for you!

Sage Spoonfuls Blender
sage spoonfuls blender
Check Price on Amazon
BPA-free, 200 watts,
dishwasher safe, food
processor included
KitchenAid Blender
Editor’s choice

kitchenaid stick blender small
Check Price on Amazon
4-point stainless steel blade,
BPA-free jar included, 180
watts, dishwasher safe
Chefman Stick Blender
chefman stick blender small
Check Price on Amazon
12 speeds, 300 watts, dishwasher
safe, easy grip
YISSVIC Hand Blender
yissvic stick blender small
Check Price on Amazon
1,000 watts, 9 speeds, 4-in-1
(stick blender, processor, beaker &
whisk attachment), BPA-free
Mueller Ultra-Stick
mueller ultra stick small
Check Price on Amazon
500 watts, 9 speeds, milk
frother & whisk included,
dishwasher safe

Now let’s get in depth and find out why these are the best stick blenders for baby food prepping!

1. Sage Spoonfuls Stick Blender

sage spoonfuls Stick Blender

This stick blender is made specifically to create purees and soups from 6 months and onwards. The special design makes baby food meal prep easy. It comes with a food processor beaker that you can take on-the-go.

You can go one-step further in your baby food organization by getting the Sage Spoonfuls glass big batch baby food storage containers which is a set of 12 4-ounce jars so you can easily portion and store when you pre-make baby food in bulk.

Sage Spoonfuls ensures that all their products are food-safe, made of materials that are free of PVC, lead, BPA, and phthalate.

Aside from the meal prep, Sage Spoonfuls also made this stick blender easy to clean – it’s dishwasher safe!

It comes with a baby food recipe book which is very handy to have around. Moving forward, this stick blender can also handle food for the toddler years and up like smoothies, as well as chopped vegetables and fruits.


This model is designed mainly to blend cooked food and steamed produce as well as raw nuts. Do follow the manufacturer’s instructions to obtain the best outcome as it remains fairly powerful (250 watts).

To achieve the varied consistency outside of purees and soups, you have to manually adjust the pulsing and adapt your technique as there are no variable speeds to choose from (which is also its biggest CON).

2. KitchenAid KHBV53WH – Editor’s Choice

kitchenaid stick blender

KitchenAid has always been a trusted brand when it comes to mixers. It has lent its years of pioneering technology to creating a stick blender that proves to be a baby food prep must-have.

It makes great purees and soups with the combination of its powerful 4-point stainless steel blade and motor.

Another thing that also makes it great is the variable speed trigger which allows you to control the blade speed. You can go easy on the trigger point so that the amount of pressure lessens or increases.

This will lower the chances of the wand being sucked to the bottom of your container and allow for better movement.

It is dishwater safe and comes with a 3-cup BPA-free blending jar with lid. Blending directly in the pan is also great with this model since it has the removable pan guard for the tip to protect your cookware from scratches.

To top it all off, the blending arm is sealed and dishwasher safe as well. This is worth the investment if you use a blender heavily in your meal prep.

Note: Always make sure that the pan guard is attached firmly to avoid it being thrown off and splintering in your food.

3. Chefman Stick Blender

chefman stick blender

Chefman is also well-reputed kitchen line that had produced an affordable option for stick blenders that are perfect for baby food.

First off, they make it easier to blend with their ergonomic design and rubberized handle for a good wand grip. They have a 12-speed option to make things simpler and a high-powered 300-watt motor.

A cool feature is that the blender tip is already shaped to protect your cookware from scratches with its heat resistant plastic blade guard.

This is highly recommended for medium use. This product also gets you into Club Chefman which provides members with recipes and cooking tips that will help take your meal prep above and beyond the ordinary.

Note: Always remember to make sure to check the blade when unplugged and before using that it is firmly attached since it is detachable.

Manufacturer cautions that when blending frozen fruits or veggies or frozen ice to make sure that they are immersed in liquid for better results.

4. YISSVIC Hand Blender

yissvic stick blender

Another well-reviewed stick blender for baby food at a friendly price-point is this offering by YISSVIC.

This 1000W immersion blender comes with a 9-speed control adjustment and is one of the most powerful blenders on our list. This one can easily handle large quantities of food, as well as different textures.

It comes with an 800ml (17oz) food processor beaker which enables chopping and grinding as well as ice cream making. A whisk attachment also is in the package making for a very versatile kitchen product.

Their 4-blade blender system makes for smoother and quicker purees as opposed to the standard 2-blade models.

It comes with a splash guard and measuring cup as well for the complete stick blender experience.

Note: Handwashing is recommended as the blender and whisk are not dishwasher safe.

The manufacturer also instructs for the blending not to exceed one-minute at a time and to ensure food are in smaller pieces before you start blending. The beaker, cup, and lids all have replacements readily available.

5. Mueller Ultra-Stick

Mueller Ultra-Stick

This stick blender has quite an impressive performance for its affordability. The combination of European technology and American guarantee makes for a very efficient kitchen small appliance that is very useful in making baby food.

It does all the expected functions with its 9-speed control switch and boasts of a copper motor that vows to outlast and outpower other blenders.

Investing in this model will assure you that your stick blender functions beyond baby food and well into toddler treats and adult recipes from whipping cream, beating big batches of eggs and even making nut butters.

It is equipped with a fixed S-blade and all attachments are dishwasher safe.

An added perk is its milk frother – definitely not for baby, but for the well-deserving parent who just might want a cuppa after prepping baby food.

The company is also known for its quick customer service which is always a great assurance.

Note: Avoid using this model blending direct in coated pots as it might scratch the surface, should the tip be drawn to the base or sides.

Why Should You Buy a Stick Blender for Baby Food?

Unlike conventional stand food processors, this handheld appliance allows you to puree and blend in practically any safe container.

You can choose to process directly into the pot you are cooking in, or in separate containers directly with different consistencies at one go.

This rids us of the hassle of transferring the food from one container to another. Admit it, as a mom, one less dish to wash is always welcome!

Another good reason to get a reliable baby food stick blender is space. As it is, our kitchen countertops are already cluttered with our beloved small-appliance must-haves like the coffeemaker and the toaster.

It makes sense to have a space-saving tool. Even if you still have ample counterspace, you will need a lot of room especially if you will be prepping in bulk.

A stick blender is also extremely portable. No matter where you go, you can easily pack it in and carry it around. You can’t really know how useful this is until you first have to leave home for a longer period of time with your baby!

Affordability and practicality are perfect reasons to consider a stick blender for baby food.

It is indeed more budget-friendly than bulky baby food processors that serve only for a number of years.

A well-chosen stick blender can last beyond the baby and toddler years so you need not be stuck with an unusable appliance after your child has outgrown it.

You will find that most handheld stick blenders have food processing beakers and bowl attachments and they will become your next best friend, helping you prepare a lot more than just baby food.

The 6-month Milestone Dilemma

As this milestone approaches, many moms dread the advent of the introduction of solid food into the baby’s diet.

While there are many premade processed baby foods in supermarkets, there is simply no substitute to homemade, healthy baby food.

Meal prep for baby can be made surprisingly easy with the right tools. A good appliance to have is a reliable immersion blender – or what many in mommy-speak call “the stick blender.”

Baby Food and Beyond

Our top picks of baby food stick blenders take into consideration the versatility of your appliance, as well as high quality and safety.

You can easily use them to prepare not just all types of baby foods and purees, but also peanut butter, mashed potatoes, smoothies, soups and much much more.

I use mine to make my delicious hummus, for example. Ready in just a couple of minutes!

Wrapping up

Whether you like to prepare food in bulk or a daily food maker, a good stick blender allows you the flexibility of making big or small portions without having to deal with the huge container that comes with the stand baby food maker. Plus, it’s extremely versatile and budget-friendly.

It’s a no-brainer – choosing one of the best stick blenders for baby food will ensure easy food prep that will come handy even as your child progresses from baby to toddler and onward.

And if you still don’t know which of our top recommendations to choose, take our word for it and pick the KitchenAid blender. You will be extremely pleased!

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