What Goes with Avocado on Toast – 15 Yummy Ideas

Avocado is probably one of the trendiest foods right now – and for all the right reasons. There are few things you can’t really pair avocado with, from sweet to sour to fatty and salty and everything in between.

But some pairings go way better than others. Today, I want to focus on avocado on toast and what extras you can add to make it even more spectacular. Because, don’t get me wrong: plain avocado on toast with a bit of salt sprinkled on it is perfect too!

But if you want more options, I have them below for you. Let’s jump in!

1. Feta Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes: Feta adds a salty tang, complementing the creamy avocado. Cherry tomatoes bring a juicy, sweet burst. It’s ideal for a refreshing summer brunch or as a light lunch option.

2. Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese: The rich flavors of smoked salmon pair wonderfully with avocado. Cream cheese adds smoothness and depth.

Perfect for a luxurious weekend breakfast or a special occasion brunch. Pair it with a freshly made lemonade to counter all that fat content though!

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3. Poached Egg and Sriracha: A runny poached egg creates a rich sauce-like addition. Sriracha gives a spicy kick, balancing the egg and avocado’s richness.

Great for a protein-packed breakfast or a post-workout snack.

goodies to pair with avocados
You can go wild with your pairings – there are plenty of yummy combos!

4. Bacon and Maple Syrup: Crispy bacon offers a savory crunch, while maple syrup drizzle introduces a hint of sweetness.

Suitable for a hearty breakfast or when craving a sweet and savory treat.

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5. Radishes and Sea Salt: Thinly sliced radishes provide a peppery bite. A sprinkle of sea salt enhances the avocado’s natural flavor.

Best for a quick, healthy snack or a light appetizer before dinner.

6. Goat Cheese and Honey: Creamy goat cheese and a drizzle of honey add a perfect blend of tangy and sweet notes.

Excellent choice for a mid-afternoon snack or a sweet and savory breakfast.

7. Arugula and Balsamic Glaze: Peppery arugula and a balsamic glaze bring a sophisticated, slightly acidic touch.

Ideal for an elegant brunch or as a sophisticated starter.

8. Roasted Corn and Cilantro: Sweet roasted corn and fresh cilantro add a summery, zesty flavor.

Perfect for a summer picnic or as a vibrant lunch.

9. Sliced Almonds and Berries: For a crunchy, fruity twist, top with almonds and your favorite berries.

Great for a nutritious breakfast or a wholesome mid-morning snack.

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10. Hummus and Sun-dried Tomatoes: Creamy hummus and tangy sun-dried tomatoes offer a Mediterranean-inspired combination.

Suitable for a filling lunch or as a flavorful snack anytime.

11. Crispy Bacon The salty crunch of bacon contrasts beautifully with the creamy avocado, adding a depth of flavor that’s hard to beat.

12. Cherry Tomatoes and Balsamic Glaze Halved cherry tomatoes with a drizzle of balsamic glaze offer a burst of acidity and sweetness, enhancing the avocado’s natural flavors.

13. Radishes and Sprouts Thinly sliced radishes and a handful of sprouts provide a peppery crunch and a boost of nutrition, perfect for a light and refreshing meal.

avocado toast with lime and chili

14. Honey and Chili Flakes A drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of chili flakes give your avocado toast a sweet heat that’s surprisingly addictive.

15. Pomegranate Seeds Sprinkling pomegranate seeds over your toast adds a pop of sweet tartness and a beautiful burst of color.

Do you have other suggestions for foods or ingredients that go well with avocado on toast? Let us all know by commenting below! And if you want to learn more about amazing pairing, I recommend reading my previous article, sharing What Goes on a Charcuterie Board.

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