What Goes with Brie: 14 Yummy Ideas

This ripened soft and delectable cheese which gets its name from the Brie region in France where it originated, has been consumed by discerning palates for a long time.

But what goes with Brie? If you pair it with the right foods, that you will truly get the best possible experience. Today we’re talking about 14 yummy foods that go great with Brie.

The earliest recorded account of this type of cheese is that of Emperor Charlemagne of France, in the year 774 BC right in its city namesake.

You can imagine that cheese with such a rich history can be paired up with all sorts of foods and that is exactly what we’re going to talk about today: what goes well with Brie and how to eat it like a pro.

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This mushroom-y, earthy cheese is rumored to have been King Louis XVI’s dying food wish – the final taste to touch his failing lips be that of Brie cheese. It’s that good, yes!

So, if you love Brie as much as the kings did and wonder with what food you can enjoy this cheesy sensation with, look no further!

Best foods that go with Brie

Let’s explore 14 Yummy Brie cheese pairings that range from the classic to the unconventional!

1. Fruits

What goes with Brie - Fruits

Initially, I wanted to list them one by one – but that would’ve been a bit too much. The point is that Brie cheese goes really well with many fruits.

Apples, grapes, and pears are classified as cool fruits that have quintessentially highlighted warmed Brie. 

However, the millennial palate has included figs, avocado, kiwi, cantaloupe and berries as favorites to eat with this luscious cheese.

These fruits are great served freshly sliced on a cheese plate or, when applicable, a baked accompaniment during dessert. It’s always a good idea to mix them a bit and not stick to one fruit only: try to mix grapes, figs and cantaloupe slices to keep all taste buds happy.

2. Baguettes

While many may think that slathering delicious brie onto any piece of bread is yummy enough, the classic French baguette serves as the best crusty canvass to the silky, creamy cheese. 

Traditional Brie aficionados who want to savor the cheese’s creaminess intentionally choose this plain bread option so that no flavor competition ensues and they get the most in terms of Brie taste.

3. Crispy Crackers

What goes with brie - Crackers

For the die-hard Brie lover, a foundation of multigrain crackers with its multifaceted coarseness draws much attention to its texture and creaminess.

They make for a satisfying snack, setting the stage for the nutty cheese flavor. And crispy crackers are also a good replacement of a French Baguette – even though nobody living in France would ever agree.

The more adventurous would venture into melba or herbed crackers. The toast-like crunchy melba can accommodate a generous slather of brie, while crackers naturally flavored with herbs afford subtle spiced undertones. 

Shy away from artificially spiced up crackers as they tend to overpower the brie or even just not work well with its flavor.

4. Charcuterie

What goes with brie - cold cuts

Forget the ham and bacon to pair with brie cheese! It’s time to up the ante for the meat lover with Charcuterie or “cold cooked meats” in French.

What cold cuts does the brie work with? High quality prosciutto, soppressata or even delicate salami slices. This combination is served on a meat and cheese platter with complementing beverages.

5. Roasted Garlic Dip

If you are a garlic lover, there is nothing better to heighten the savory side of brie than a side of roasted crushed garlic!

This yummy concoction goes very well as an appetizer, on herbed crackers or as a side dish! You can heighten the taste by adding an olive to the mix. Just don’t kiss the cook afterwards!

6. Nutty Options

For the element of crunch, pairing brie cheese with toasted pecans, candied walnuts or a honeyed combination of both make for a great combination.

The sweet-slightly salty taste is always a favorite whether served on top of crackers or as an independent appetizer. 

The nice thing with this combination is that each diner can customize his nutty experience by tweaking the balance of brie and nuts – depending on what flavor you want to experience in your palate.

7. Decadent Chocolate-Dipped Strawerries

To enjoy Brie with your sweet tooth, the perfect match would be the classic strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. Partaken with a dollop of the warmed cheese, the sweet-savory combination is a zesty explosion of flavors in your mouth.

If you cannot be bothered to prepare your strawberries, some people go for ready-made chocolate-berry clusters found in supermarkets. It’s the combination of the somber cocoa and the airy cheese brought together by the tang of the fruit that makes this amalgamation a nice end to a meal.

8. Roasted Seasoned Asparagus

You cannot go wrong with a hearty roasted dish of this earthy vegetable.  Tender asparagus tips roasted gently in the oven, seasoned with salt, extra virgin olive oil, and black pepper are perfectly complemented by a slather of rich warm Brie cheese.

The combination evokes pseudo-truffle tastes and is simply a divine and healthy as well!

9. Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

This Mexican treat can be made appetizing with a pairing of oven-softened Brie. 

Since it’s a healthy meatless dish often infused with a dash of Pecorino cheese, many might think it sacrilegious to spoon some other cheese onto it. 

However, the pure creaminess of a slice of brie over the softened bell peppers heightens the “pimiento” taste resulting in a heavenly combo of aroma and taste.

10. Grilled Eggplant Salad

What goes with brie - Eggplants

This warm salad of grilled eggplant, capers and avocado soaked in a garlic-spiced vinaigrette is enhanced by a dollop of Brie cheese on the side. 

There is nothing like the distinct smoked eggplant aroma that is accentuated by a blush of this white cheese sensation.

11. Roasted Carrot Slices

Properly caramelized carrots, seasoned with salt and pepper with a touch of lemon make for a good pair for Brie.

The crispy sweetness of the charred carrots (oh, yes! They have to be properly caramelized and slightly burnt on one side) and the luscious cheese is the perfect sweet and slightly salty blend with a tangy kick of lemon. This is a must-try – easy to make and yummy.

12. English Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

This extremely simple sandwich is a refreshingly light and delicious snack. Adding a side of Brie cheese to it will beef it up and it can make for a great lunch idea – so simple to make but so fresh and filling at the same time.

It is definitely a highly-recommended for the on-the-go Brie lover who has little time to prepare a complicated dish.

13. Jams, Compotes, and Preserves

What goes with brie - jam

Have you ever tried Brie cheese with caramelized plums, with a peach compote or an apricot jam? 

If you are into preserves, jams, and compotes, perhaps it’s high time to try them with a helping of Brie cheese. The processing of the fruit intensifies flavor making them perfect pairs for Brie cheese.

Read on to the end of this article to see which jam is the best to pair with Brie.

14. Spicy Curry Ramen

This is definitely not the way that the French Royalties enjoyed their cheese, but it doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. On the contrary!

The French cheese comes full circle when it finds its way into an Asian staple. Surprisingly, dropping cubes of Brie into the piping hot soup extracts an oddly comforting yet delicious flavor.

Flecks of the cheese in between the noodles provide tasty relief to the sharp sting of the spice. Definitely, it is a must-try if you are a noodle lover as well.

How to Eat Brie?

The general rule is to enjoy Brie with something crisp and acidic for your flavor receptors to effectively translate the creamy taste of the cheese. Over the years, however, palates and tastes have evolved as the regions are globalized, making regional food available almost everywhere.

Best foods to pair with Brie

It is not surprising if new pairings, odd or not, come up as the international cuisine scene becomes more global. 

Fusion food, new concoctions and recipes surfacing from remote parts all make up for the wonderful variety of dishes we can mix and match with our favorite cheese.

And if you are the consummate Brie lover, it is worth knowing that light to medium wines are the perfect match, particularly the fruity kind.

If you prefer white, then spiced white wines are the way to go. Should you go for lagers or beers, the same applies – citrusy is best in bringing out the creaminess of Brie cheese, but also a dark black ale will do the trick!

What are the best toppings for cold Brie cheese?

Basically, all the matches that we recommended above for Brie can be used as toppings – and not vice-versa.

But to go a bit more in depth here, I would add that some things are instantly better when topped over Brie cheese: from a simple teaspoon of raw honey, to a selection of Jams and any sort of fruits or fruity syrups, all are great choices to top a cold Brie.

If you want to try something different, sprinkle some jalapeno bits on top or a spicy sauce as a topping. But jams, honey, fruits and nuts work best!

What jam goes best with Brie?

We talked about pairing jams with Brie – but which one goes best?

My all time favorite is the traditional Apricot jam. You have to try this if you haven’t, or choose it if you don’t know what jam to pair with Bree.

Other jams that go well with Brie are fig jam, strawberry jam, blueberry or cranberry jam as well as sour cherry jam.

Brie is a healthier cheese

A nice Brie fact – did you know that this creamy curd concoction is actually lower in calories and fat per ounce than most hard cheeses? 

It also has up to 50% water content making it a healthy option if you are a cheese-phile as it is naturally lower in carbohydrates!

So finally, you have a cheese that you can enjoy without feeling the guilt you do when eating other types of cheese (note: it still has a lot of calories, so eat in moderation!)

Whether you are an amateur cheese lover or die-hard Brie fan, all of these delectable suggestions above are worth a try. 

It is not a stretch to say that Brie is a cheese with a mission – healthy, yummy, versatile and loved by many. And now you know better what foods it goes well with!

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